Though we may be more famous for being an international event series we (Sophia and Steven) actually originally intended it to be a fashion brand that threw cool parties as most fashion parties are, let’s face it; super fucking pretentious and not actually that fun. At least that was the idea on a wet Wednesday afternoon in London back in 2017 and why our first party was an official London Fashion Week Festival event in February 2018.


We had a few redlines when we started. We wanted our associated clothing line to be high quality, environmentally low impact, free from sweatshop and child labour, to have an element of social responsibility and to reflect our politics.


We wanted to be inclusive so that our clothes could be worn by lots of different bodies and we came up with the name HE.SHE.THEY. because we wanted to show that these were clothes that you could wear regardless of whether you identified as male, female, non-binary; CIS or trans. This is central to our politics on inclusivity and diversity as is reflected in our club event nights, festival stages or panels we host.


At our events we experience all manner of attire from PVC cat suits, rubber dresses and leather harnesses, to clubbers favourite LBD or black jeans and a T-shirt. Anything goes as self expression obviously means different things for different people.


When it came to our first set of clothes, however, we wanted them to be something that EVERYONE could wear - hence the almighty universal favourite, the black T-Shirt, seemed like a great place to begin. You could wear the t-shirt as a dress, customise it into a crop top if you want to be more flamboyant or you can just wear it with jeans or trackie bottoms more casually. You can wear the “HE.SHE.THEY.” Logo shirt and be loud and proud about the message. Equally, if you want to declare your love for the brand and it’s messaging in a way that only you know and those that know would know then the “H.S.T.” Logo offers you that option. Also, maybe you just prefer the look of H.S.T on a tee shirt to “HE.SHE.THEY.” and no deeper reasoning than that!


We want to make sure that the social and environmental impact of us bringing more clothes is as small as it possibly can be. For this reason we work with SOL'S and Bella + Canvas suppliers who uphold strong commitments to social & environmental responsibility.  You can read more about them here. Our Tees are designed in Britain and then made in India using certified organic cotton. They are then taken to the UK where they are printed and hand finished by designer and artist Rosie Dobby.  Our packaging is either reusable or recyclable as we wanted to steer away from single use plastic.


When you purchase an item from our fashion line you are supporting three Charities which we feel will really benefit from our help on a grass roots level! We wanted to not only to negate the social and environmental impact of us bringing more clothes into the world, but also to ensure that we could contribute towards the co-creation of positive social change. We know our customers are the sort of open minded, caring, kind people who would take further pride in wearing items that were not only stylish and comfortable, but also standing for worthy causes.


You’ll also get two tickets to come to one of our club events every time you buy a Tee because we are almost as lovely as you 💛