HST strives to adhere to its inclusive ethos across the spectrum of our offerings. Our aim with our clothing is that all options could be worn by lots of different bodies regardless of whether you identified as male, female, non-binary, trans or CIS. We want to make sure that the social and environmental impact of us bringing more clothes into the world is as small as it possibly can be so we have now adopted a print-on-demand clothing model using ethical suppliers.



Sizing of each individual item is available in the product description.

All our products are vegan friendly and made from sustainable materials. We use 100% combed organic cotton, grown using 100% natural seeds so there is no use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. We make sure all our suppliers are sweatshop-free and environmentally conscious.



As a result of our more environmentally-conscious, print-on-demand model, all items may take up to 5 business days to process before they are dispatched.

Please allow approx. 8-10 business days from ordering for deliveries in the UK.
Please allow approx. 10-12 business days from ordering for deliveries in Europe.
Please allow approx. 12-15 working days from ordering for deliveries to Rest Of World.

Custom fees may apply for international packages.

All orders are tracked and sent via Royal Mail. We do not currently offer express delivery, but we are working on making it possible in the near future.



At present we are not able to carry out exchanges due to the nature of our environmentally conscious print-on-demand model. Please make sure you check the sizing guide for each individual item before purchase.

If your items arrive faulty, please email heshethey@theweirdandthewonderful.com with images of the item and we will assist you on a refund/exchange directly.



A portion of all sales contributes to a charity donation split between our current three charities

If you have any more questions, please contact heshethey@theweirdandthewonderful.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Product Photography by Eivind Hansen

Headline Image: Rodent by Gemma Bell

NY Warehouse by Chris Lavado

Slideshow: Darcvalac by Chiel Eijt | Lewis G Burton by Gemma Bell | Nicky Ottav by Sean Swann | Miss Alexis Meshida by Jamie Simonds | Mairi Houston by Gemma Bell | Tye Nye by Gemma Bell